New drug discovery and development is a new world when compared with basic researches on the disease mechanisms or targets. It is well-known that clinical pharmacology is a fundamental and indispensable tool for rational decision-making in new drug discovery and development. Yes, it has been playing essential roles in global pharmaceutical companies, but lack of experienced clinical pharmacologists has also been a decades-old barrier to rational decision-making in Korea. AIMS BioScience was established in 2019 by professors from the Catholic University of Korea to break this barrier.

We are a young company, but our crews are the best in each field, from early discovery (TPP selection) to market access. We guide primary research outcomes of pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, research institutes, and academia to scientific development. As new drug development aims for patients' lives and health, the evidence must be more sophisticated, rational, and scientific. We promise to stay disciplined and move forward with our clients, creating a virtuous cycle: Scientists' efforts being highly appreciated and long-term values guaranteed to stakeholders.

Thank you. Dong-Seok Yim