Questions can be addressed

Drug developers are welcome to
bring following problems to AIMS BioScience

What is the most efficienct way
to develop nonclinical/clinical evidence?
How the nonclinical/clinical studies
should be designed?
Who is the best partner to outsource
our nonclinical/clinical studies?
When should we decide whether to
continue development?
Where are the experts who can suggest
the strategies in drug development?
Why our timelines are delayed and
why we fail to make the proper evidence?

What we do

AIMS BioScience is a contract development company
who is capable of
  • 01 Establishment of
    overall (nonclinical to clinical)
    evaluation plan of
    the pipeline
  • 02 Suggestion of
    the best nonclinical
    methodology to
    generate experimental
  • 03 Optimal designing for
    individual studies to
    maximize their values
  • 04 Translation of existing
    (including PK-PD) to
    support the rationale for
    further development
  • 05 Outsourcing and managing
    studies to credible partners
    (e.g. nonclinical &
    clinical CROs)
  • 06 Securing inputs from
    various experts
    as needed
  • 07 Management of the project
    to meet the pre-defined


Full-scope service

  • AIMS BioScience manages and operates the whole procedural contents during certain development milestones
    (e.g. late pre-clinical to phase I)
  • An outcome-based contract is suggested

On-demand service(Strategic planning or Study outsourcing)

  • AIMS BioScience performs only limited functions
    requested by the sponsor
    (e.g. overall clinical investigation plan suggestion)
  • An hourly contract is suggested